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Internet is a good source of part time jobs. Internet businesses are booming very fast and dominating almost all industries. People that are trying to make money in their spare time should consider part time online jobs. There are plenty of jobs online to make money in your spare time.


Let us see some of the cool online jobs.


Part time job 1

Online paid surveys: You can share your opinion with online survey companies about products and get paid $20 to $50 for 20 minutes. This is a wonderful part time job for anyone who needs extra money. These online surveys can be taken from anywhere in this world. This part time job needs no qualification or skills. Even a small boy can do surveys and make lot of money from home.

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Part time job 2

Data entry job: Online data entry job is another wonderful part time job that can be done from home and make good money. Big companies have lot of data to be entered online and they pay nicely in return. Having lot of staff in their office and doing this work is very difficult and expensive. Therefore they appoint data entry workers to work from their home. If you have a computer and internet at home you can join as data entry operator.This part time job is a nice way to make up to $100 per hour.

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Part time job 3

Article writer job: If you can pen down some good articles, you can join as article writer and get paid up to $50 for 400 to 500 words simple article. Big companies and websites require tons and tons of articles and contents for their website. If you can write on any topic that you have little knowledge and have little language skills, then you can make good money every day. This is a good part time job for people who want to work from home.

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