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Top 50 - Online jobs

Here we have given a list of 50 online jobs you can do from home or anywhere with a computer or mobile phone or any other device that can be connected to internet.

Online job 1 -Taking online surveys for money

You can take online surveys for money. This  involves sharing your opinion about products. You can get paid $5 to $50 depending on the survey and company that conducts. There are many survey website that provide these online surveys. Go here to take online surveys.

Online job 2 -Entering data online for big companies.

Online data entry jobs are one of the good jobs that can help you make money online. This online job does not require any skills or qualification. These are some kind of online typing jobs. This job can make even a lay man very rich quickly. Get this data entry job here.

Online job 3 -Making money with faceboook by submitting links

If you use facebook you can make lot of money by simply posting affiliate links on your wall or fan pages. Making $500 a day with your facebook account is very simple. Click here to make money with facebook account.

Online job 4 -Processing and sending emails for online companies

You can process and send simple email for big websites and online companies. You will be paid $20 to $100 depending on the company. This is one cool online job that can be done from anyone from anywhere.

Click here to know about email sending jobs.

Online job 5 -Home typist jobs

Big companies hire people all around the world to type data online. They pay $10 to $20 per hour. You can type these online data from your home. You can spend more time with family and work from home with freedom. You can get this job online here

Online job 6 -Online tutor jobs

You can teach children and other students online. If you have a computer and know how to chat on msn, yahoo or Skype then you can teach students online from home get paid lucratively by online teaching companies.

Online Job 7-Adposting job

Big companies need people to post classified job ads for them. They would pay $5 to $20 per ad. This is a nice work even for a school kid. Know more about this ad posting job.

Online job 8-Online article writer job

There are article directories and websites that need 100’s of 1000’s of article every day. If you can write articles on any topic, then you will be paid $20 to $50 per article. Get this article writer job now.

Online job 9-Online content writer job

Are you a good writer? Can you write good contents for websites? This online job has no limit for earning. You can make money quick as a content writer for seo companies and websites.

Online Job 10- Blog writer jobs

Blogging is an important aspect of any online business. You can work for big companies as a blogger and write blog posts and get paid nicely.

Online Job 11- Forum poster job

Forum posting is also a good work that can make you some extra money.

Online Job 12- Blog commenter job

Blog comments with anchor text are an important thing in search engine optimization. If you can comment on blog posts, then you can expect to make good money.

Online Job 13- Website developer job and template vendor job

If you are a web developer and designer, you can create website templates and sell it for companies. This online job gives amazing income opportunity.

Online Job 14- Affiliate marketing to sell other’s product for commission

There are millions of websites that need active promoters. You can join as an affiliate with affiliate market places like paydotcom, clickbank, commission junction, paygear and click2sell and make lot of money. Many websites offer 50% to 80% commission every sale you make.

Online Job 15- Selling anything on E-bay

E-bay is one of the biggest online stores that have billions of consumers. You can sell anything on e-bay and make money from home. This is a good home based work.

Online Job 16- E-book writer job

Many online companies need e-book writers to write book for them. You can make $100 to $1000 per e-book depends on the quality and quantity.

Online Job 17- Selling on Amazon

Amazon is another big web store where you can sell your products or you can sell others products as an affiliate and get paid.

Online Job 18- Data transcription job

Online data transcription jobs are good source of income for online job seekers.  Legal transcription, medical transcription and general transcription jobs are available for anyone from any country. Click here to get this data entry job.

Online Job 19-Directory submitter job

Business directories are a place where business people share their business details. SEO companies require business directory submitter for part time job. You can make $20 to $50 every day with this online job.

Online Job 20-Social book marker jobs

Social bookmarking is a way to get more visitors to any website or products. Many companies hire people to bookmark their web pages on many social bookmarking sites like stumble upon, utopic, Digg, diigo, delicious and many more sites.

Online Job 21-MLM network promoter work

Multi level marketing companies always look for people to promote their network. This gives you increasing income.

Online Job 22- Proof reader job

You can work as online proof reader for news and media websites.

Online Job 23- Online Editor work

You can work as online editor for publications, news and media websites.

Online Job 24- Making money with Google Adsense

If you have a website and have good number of visitors, you can join Google Adsense and make money by placing ads on your website.

Online Job 25- Click bank affiliate work

Clickbank is an affiliate market place where thousands of big vendors sell their digital downloadable products and software. You can work as affiliate for anyone and get paid $500 to $5000 every month.

Online Job 26- Forex trading

You can buy and sell currencies and make good money.

Online Job 27-Customer care agent

Big companies need online customer care agents to work from home and attend their customer’s queries. You can get a customer care work and make good money.

Online Job 28- Chat support agent

Many website have chat option to convert a visitor as their customer. Converting visitors to sale is an important task for any business. You can do online chat support job and get paid hourly.

Online Job 29- Back link builder

SEO companies need back link builders for their clients. If you have knowledge in back link building, you can do part time work as back link agent.

Online Job 30- You tube video creator

You tube videos are loved by many people worldwide. This gives good exposure to any business. Many companies hire people to create good videos for them.

Online Job 31-Video and Audio testimonial creator

Video and audio testimonials are very attractive on any website. Big website development companies require video and audio testimonial creators.

Online Job 32- Article poster job

Posting article to many article directories is very difficult and time consuming. Therefore many seo companies offer article poster job. You can do this online job and make money from home. Click here to get this work.

Online Job 33- Article re-writer job

You can rewrite articles with little changes and make money too.

Click here to get this online job.

Online Job 34- Tattoo designer

You can design tattoos and sell the design online. There is a huge requirement for this work.

Online Job 35- Travel writer job

You can travel reviews for travel website and make very good money. Travel websites pay well for travel review writers.

Online Job 36- Membership sites promotion job

You can promote membership sites and a lifetime income. Dating sites are good to promote. Dating site is just an example. There are various kinds of membership sites that you can promote and make big bucks.

Online Job 37-Animation and cartoon creator

If you have knowledge of animation and cartoon creation, you can make good money with this job online.

Online Job 38-Story writer

Story writing is another good online job that can help you make nice income. Click here to get this online job.

Online Job 39- Translator job

If you have language skills and fluency, you can work as translator for online publishing companies.

Online Job 40 – Domain reseller

Domain resellers are paid well. You can join big companies like godaddy and hostgator and sell domains for commission. This work will give you the wonderful opportunity to make recurring income.

Online Job 41- web hosting reseller

Website hosting reseller job is an online job with lifetime income. You can build your own website and sell web space or sell web space as a reseller and make big bucks. You can join some good web hosting company as reseller and make money.

Online Job 42- Poetry writer job

You can write poetry and song and make good income. Many publishers worldwide looking for such writers.

Online Job 43 –Lead generation job

Big companies require online lead generators. You can join these companies as lead generator and generate CPA leads.

Online Job 44-Email newsletter designer job

You can design newsletters and get paid nicely. Both htmland text email messages are reuired for companies for their clients. This is a nice oppoutunity to earn money.

Online Job 45-Virtual assistant job

Virtual assistant job is one of the good online jobs that can be done from home.

Online Job 46-Website video demo creator job

Websites that need video presentation on their home page pay well for video demo creators. You can create 5 to 15 minutes video and get paid up to $1000.

Online job 47-Photographer jobs

If you are a good photographer with a digital camera and can take beautiful and creative photographs, you can work for photo selling websites. These website pay you 10 to 50% royalty on every photo downloaded from their website. This is a wonderful employment that can make you rich very quickly.

Online Job 48-Press release writer

You can write press release for any new business or existing business and get paid.

Online Job 49 – News editor

News and media is looking for online editors to edit news and contents online. This is a good job which can help you make big bucks.

Online Job 50 –Computer programmers

If you have programming skills you can make millions sitting from home. You can develop programs for online websites and companies and make lot of money.

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